A team that’s up for the challenge.

We’re a mix of designers, technologists, problem-solvers and project managers working together to Discover, Design and Deliver incredible experiences for your buildings. Our team of experts is continually listening and learning, so we can improve and evolve our services. We’re ambitious, excited by the complex and absolutely committed to creating better experiences for everyone.


Rhys Ansah

Event Space Design Manager

Sarah Hazelgrove


black and white photo of Jeremy Morris

Jeremy Morris

AV & Technical Drawing Consultant

black and white photo of Linda Rodger

Linda Rodger

Technical Drawing & Design Consultant

black and white photo of Johan Slabbert

Johan Slabbert

Senior Project Manager

Joe Stansfield

Associate Director - Regional

Ollie Wade

Senior Project Manager

black and white image of Andrew Woodhead

Andrew Woodhead

Senior Consultant